Friday, May 4, 2007

May 4, 2007 HDR Chiller (mill)

Berlin New Hampshire, originally uploaded by americanadian_8. Click on pic, see it in Flickr.

This photo clearly has multiple problems. Fence, HDR tree-halos, composition, and just that strange head-tilted feeling I get with a lot of Chiller selections of "Huh?"

But I posted this one for another reason's a fairly interesting study in Flickr comments in that they have sort of an "Emperor With No Clothes" thing going on. The first few comments are overwhelmingly positive(!), and all the comments at the top follow suit. When somebody in the 13th comment finally mentions a flaw, then others chime in to chip away until the comments at the bottom are evenly split between critical and defensive. Coincidence?...or curious phenomenon? Oh, and here's my favorite comment... "I can only assume that the fence was inevitable??" That's deep.

I looked even deeper though and found that americanadian_8 generally has some very good HDR this one. So he was evidently not on his game this day. We all have bad days, and I do find his username pretty cool. So speaking in my best Americanadian accent, let me just end this by saying "It happens, eh." Sorry, I couldn't resist that (maybe today is my bad day). See it in large if you want.

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