Wednesday, May 2, 2007

May 2, 2007 HDR Thriller (lost)

This is my favorite of all the temple shots., originally uploaded by Cap'n Surly. Click on pic, see it in Flickr.

Pretty stunning shot here, but it REALLY REALLY must be seen IN LARGE. The best thing about good HDR shots are that you can palpably experience the place where they were taken. This one is an incredible example, even among the other Thriller photos. It depicts Ta Prohm, one of the ancient Angkor temples in Cambodia. Depending on the religion of the kings that constructed them throughout the historical Khmer period, these temples are alternately Hindu (Angkor Wat) or Buddhist (Ta Prohm). Either way, a mystical place for a westerner. Oh, and you might want to have a look at Cap'n Surly's other shots from Cambodia.

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