Monday, August 6, 2007

August 6, 2007 HDR Thriller (ancient)

Corfe Castle, Dorset, originally uploaded by Mr Jam. Click on pic, see it in Flickr.

So much to say, so little space. A very eerie shot that will now be in my dreams. First...YOU GOTTA SEE IT IN LARGE ON BLACK. Kudos to Mr. Jam, the photographer.

I was compelled to look up some history on this castle and found it to be almost as interesting as the shot. King Edward II of England was assasinated on his horse (stabbed in the back) near this spot in 978 (from Wikipedia: "the body of the murdered king slipped from the saddle of his horse and was dragged with one foot in the stirrup until it fell into a stream at the base of the hill upon which Corfe Castle stands." The Castle was evidently constructed in the 11th Century after the King was made a saint. If you want to know more you can check it out here.

So many pieces come together in this shot...the lighting on the foreground hill, the wispy sky, and the cross-embossed left edge of the castle falling mesmerizing.


Jam said...

Hey! Thanks for choosing this, I'm flattered. It's still one of my own favourite shots.

Thanks again.


HDReader said...

You're welcome, Jam. It's a terrifc shot. And thanks for visiting!

paisley said...

this is indeed the kind of shot that inspires words.. excellent fantasy like quality....