Saturday, June 30, 2007

June 30, 2007 HDR Thriller (now in the back)

Reach for the skies, originally uploaded by H!ghTower. Click on pic, see it in Flickr.

Perhaps nothing illustrates the photographic meaning of the word "capture" more intensely than a sunrise/sunset. They are so dynamic, and then they are gone. My friend the connoisseur of sunrises over at SPOD will really appreciate these fiery crespuscular rays. GOTTA SEE IT IN LARGE ON BLACK. While HDR processing rarely adds much to the fire portion of a good sunrise or sunset, it can bring out detail in the dark foreground, as it does here. Bravo on this shot.

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Kim said...

this photo certainly captures the remarkable transcience of a sunset HD....wonderful contrast of texture between the foreground and background.......