Monday, March 26, 2007

March 26, 2007 HDR Thriller (ruins)

Ancient Roman Forum by Night, originally uploaded by Stuck in Customs. Click on Pic, see it in Flickr.
Saw 300 over the weekend. Hence "ruins" as the search word. I like the low light in this shot. I believe this is the third Stuck in Customs photo on the blog to date (others being March 8 and March 12 Thrillers). He has other ruins shots too, like this and this that are pretty darn good, but I like the lighting/exposure in this one best, especially for the coliseum in the background. To get the full effect, see it in large.

On 300, it's a technological CGI marvel, but gratuitiously bloody and repetitively so. That wouldn't have been so disturbing were it not for the group of dudes in front who were visibly into heavily rooting for the Spartans, like we were watching a football game. I suppose that makes sense because Spartans is a common mascot and while the Persians had the big bad army, you don't ever see the "Central High Persians" playing football. That's something that Leonidus can take credit for I suppose.

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