Friday, February 1, 2008

February 1, 2008 HDR Thriller (green)

Green lake. Uploaded into Flickr by wili_hybrid. Click on pic to see it in Flickr.

A mountain Lake near Uyuni, Bolivia. Pretty neat. A REAL SIGHT IN LARGE ON BLACK. Don't know much about Bolivia, except it's the place where Butch and Sundance went to start over. One of many memorable scenes in that movie has them getting off a train in Middle of Nowhere, Bolivia...well whad'ya know....a train, in the middle of nowhere in the same Flickr photoset.

Looked into this a bit more and found out that this train is from a strange Bolivian train cemetary...and it's located on the largest salt flats in the world (100km x 120 km).

Butch: Sheesh, all Bolivia can't look like this.
Sundance: How do you know? This might be the garden spot of the whole country! People may travel hundreds of miles just to get to this spot where we're standing now. This might be the Atlantic City, New Jersey of all Bolivia for all you know...
Butch: You'll feel a lot better after you've robbed a couple of banks.

The real story?

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