Monday, January 28, 2008

January 29, 2008, HDR Thriller (unite)

Chapel, uploaded into Flickr by iceman9294. Click on pic to see it in Flickr.

This is the United States Air Force Academy Chapel. What a cool building!! GOTTA SEE THIS IN LARGE ON BLACK. While this HDR shot is pretty oversaturated, the walls of the Chapel evidently do take on this violet color inside because of blue and red stained glass windows (see other pics of it from iceman9294 HERE and HERE).

Quite the architectural statement for the AIr Force I'd say. Designed by Walter Netsch and built in 1958 (I am mildly surprised by that date), it is now a National Historic Landmark. I would guess it's Mr. Netsch's most enduring masterpiece, but it is very unlike his usual designs...I found out that he was a prominent brutalist architect, and I realize now that I pretty much despise brutalist architecture, as it's the reason there are so many screwed-up, cold, concrete monoliths on various University and Government this Netsch design for the library at Northwestern University...ugggh!!

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paisley said...

this look s like the "mother ship..."

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