Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January 22, 2008 HDR Thriller (Central Park)

Stormy City. Originally uploaded into FLickr by griffsflickr. Click on pic to see it in Flickr.

I'm a J.J. Abrams fan so I had to see Cloverfield over the weekend. It wasn't bad...better than most in its genre, which I suppose is almost limited to the The Blair Witch and Godzilla. You'll definitely fare better if you go in with the mindset that you're there to roll with the "adrenalin of confusion" rather than having to understand what is happening.

Anyway...the final scenes are played out here in Central Park. Here's the Cloverfield Monster taking out a building. Yeah, well maybe not, but his hair is pretty scary.

But I digress...back to the above photo...I was pretty impressed by it. It's definitely one of those HDR shots that comes out looking more like a remarkable oil painting than a photo. A MUST SEE IN LARGE ON BLACK!!

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